Tuesday, 15 April 2014

D.I.Y Time | Spring Paper Flower Garland

 I am really feeling the spring vibes at the moment so wanted to share with you this really easy DIY - trust me its easy or else a certain somebody (me) would of had issues.

You will need:
A pair of scissors
A pencil or prehaps a pen
Some random string/ribbon
Some pretty coloured card 
Some real tough glue (I used craft glue)


First off you will need to draw a spiral using your chosen pencil or pen on your chosen card I actually found making the spiral wider in the centre getting narrower towards the outside created the best flower so i'm very sorry about this misleading photograph. Then you need to cut that big ol' spiral out it really doesnt have to be very neat as I discovered.

After cutting ^ that out you will need to start rolling the spiral up starting from the outer edge I found rolling it up on the opposite side to the pencil/pen drawn side was best as you could'nt see the lines. Once you have rolled the whole spiral up you will be left with a flowery looking creation, put a blob of your glue on the very centre of the sprial and stick your coiled part to it. At this point you can release the spiral a little and let it become abit looser. ( if you are completely lost which I actually am, here is a much more detailed explanation -_- )

 Anyway after letting the glue dry you should be left with some pretty paper flowers awww so cute!
 Now all you need to do it glue them to the string. I placed the flowers facing down on the floor and the string on top on the flower. I left the glue for a good few hours, I also made sure to spread the glue completely over the string to make sure it was extra secure. I then used blu-tac to attach the garland to my wall and VOILA! Spring has made its way into the bedroom. Thanks for reading :)



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